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The Unsolved Mystery of Allen L. Adams, the Soldier Who Disappeared from Ft. Myer in 1967
The story of Allen L. Adams, a soldier who dropped out of high school in 1965 to join the Army and was stationed at Ft. Myer in 1967. He disappeared one night, and it wasn't until 1996 that his body was found in an abandoned building. This unsolved mystery still remains.
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Peace Activists Join Hundreds of Thousands Protesting the Vietnam War
Be inspired by these two young peace activists who joined several hundred thousand protestors in Washington DC to dissent against what they believed was an immoral war. See their photo on Estella Gonzalez's pinboard.
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A Look Back at a Photo from the 1967 March on the Pentagon Against the War in Vietnam
Take a look back at a photo from the 1967 March on the Pentagon Against the War in Vietnam. It shows protesters and National Guard members in the District of Columbia. Learn more about this photo and its significance.
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Incredible Photos of 1967 March on Pentagon Against the Vietnam War
Check out these incredible photos from the 1967 March on the Pentagon to protest the Vietnam War organized by the National Mobilization Committee. See the crowd gathered around the Lincoln Memorial and march to the Pentagon. Don't forget to share with your friends!
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