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Carroll Hall

Fan Loses Eye; Struck by Puck at Uline Arena

How tragic. This reminds me of the horrible accident in 2002 when a girl was killed by a flying puck at a Columbus Blue Jackets game. This is the article we dug up in The Washington Post and Times Herald from December 16th, 1957. Carroll Hall, local newspaper and public relations man, lost his left eye […]

Uline Arena

Ghosts of Hockey, Basketball and Rock ‘n’ Roll

This is a cross post by Douglas Barclay, originally posted here. One of the major joys of going to school in Washington DC is the cities unrelenting exposure to history, both large and small. I am sure that most students at Catholic know that the old Fords Theatre, located only seconds from Forever 21 and […]

Washington Lions 1948-89

Washington Lions Hockey Team

My last post went way back to the 1920s. This one is a couple of decades after that, but well before the Washington Capitals arrived here. Our second “Before Ovechkin” post will cover the Washington Lions of the American Hockey League (AHL).

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