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When Did the Howard Theatre Open?
The Apollo in New York, the Pearl in Philadelphia, the Uptown in Baltimore, and the Howard Theatre in Washington were the preeminent African-American venues for stars like Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and the big bands of the 1930s to rock and roll and the Motown sound.
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25 Years Later: A Look at an Old Real Estate Ad From 1988
Take a look back in time to an old classified advertisement from The Washington Post from exactly 25 years ago. See what homes were available and the interest rates that were charged in 1988.
Mockingbird Hill
Uncovering the Past of 1843 7th Street NW: From Murder to Bankruptcy and Liquor Bans
Explore the dark and fascinating past of 1843 7th Street NW in DC, from murder to bankruptcy and liquor bans. Discover the stories uncovered by GoDC researchers.
Perspective sketch - Washington Manual Training High School, Henry Ives Cobb, Architect (1895-1898)
A Look at the Transformation of the Washington Manual Training High School to the Asbury Dwellings Apartment Building
Take a look at the transformation of Washington Manual Training High School to the Asbury Dwellings Apartment Building in this post. See the 1895 perspective sketch of the school and the current Google Street View of the corner today.
Baist map of U St. and Shaw (1921)
Exploring the U Street and Vermont Ave. NW Area Through Real Estate Maps
Check out the Baist real estate maps of the U Street and Vermont Ave. NW area to see how the neighborhood has changed over the years. See what Dodge City, Nellie's, and Brixton looked like in 1903 and 1921!
Joe DiMaggio at Griffith Stadium - May 28th, 1941
May 28th, 1941: The First Night Game at Griffith Stadium
On May 28th, 1941, Griffith Stadium hosted its first night game under the newly installed lights. Walter Johnson was special guest, Joe DiMaggio had a 12-game hitting streak, and the Senators were stumbling. Read about the historic night in Washington baseball history.
The History of 520 Florida Avenue NW: From the Blue Bird Cafe to Shaw's Tavern
From the Blue Bird Cafe and Tea Room to Shaw's Tavern, learn the history of 520 Florida Avenue NW in Washington, DC. Discover the stories of Benny Lerner, the Baloney Bandit, and more!
Front page of Washington Times on March 10th, 1919
Sergeant Helen Kaiser: The Dog Who Bravely Served with the French Army in WWI
Meet Sergeant Helen Kaiser, the brave and dedicated dog who served with the French Army in World War I. Learn about her incredible story and how you can remember her legacy by supporting local animal shelters and adoption organizations.

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