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Photo from Washington Monument up Virginia Avenue, 1890
Meet Albert Freeman Africanus King: The Washington Doctor Who Proposed A Giant Mosquito Net & Attended to Abraham Lincoln
Meet Albert Freeman Africanus King, the Washington doctor who proposed a giant mosquito net around the city and attended to President Abraham Lincoln at his death bed. Learn more about this fascinating figure!
U.S. Weather Bureau kiosk on Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C
The Fascination and Demise of Washington's Street-Level Weather Kiosk
Learn about the first Weather Bureau kiosk installed in Washington, D.C., and the reasons for its decommissioning in 1933. This article includes high-resolution photos and vintage newspaper articles.
Capitalsaurus Court street sign
Unearthing the Mysterious Origins of D.C.'s Official Dinosaur, Capitalsaurus
Discover the mysterious origins of D.C.'s official dinosaur, Capitalsaurus. Read about the bone found in 1898 and its controversial classification as a prehistoric beast, and the story of the District's embrace of this unique creature.

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