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Ebbitt House in 1903
Now this is an Incredible Photograph of 14th and F Street in 1903
Take a look at this incredible photograph of 14th and F Street in 1903, featuring the old Ebbitt House. Read three stories about the place, and check out the map for reference points. The legacy lives on in today's incarnation of Old Ebbitt Grill.
Photo shows a horse-drawn sleigh carrying what may be Melinda and Elise Painter across 14th St. at F St. in front of the Ebbitt House hotel. The modest buildings to the right of the grand hotel housed Newspaper Row, and just across the street at number 501 was Painter's office as Washington correspondent for the Philadelphia Inquirer. (Source: Ison article on Painter, 1990)
Unearthing the History of the Ebbitt House Hotel and Newspaper Row
Discover the historical significance of the Ebbitt House Hotel and Newspaper Row, located in Washington DC and discovered by GoDCer Brian. Learn more about the area's past with this interesting article!
Ebbitt House in 1865 as photographed by Matthew Brady (Wikipedia)
Old Ebbitt Grill History
What is the history of Washington's famous Old Ebbitt Grill? It was founded in 1856 as the city's first saloon.

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