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Tag: Montgomery County MD

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Visit the Ruins of Seneca Quarry (Yes, Real Ruins!)
There are real ruins that you can visit in Montgomery County off the C&O Canal. We highly recommend you check them out.
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Obsessing Over Old Maps: A Look at Rockville in 1879
We are obsessed with old maps, and here's another one to obsess over! Take a look at this map of Rockville, Maryland in 1879. Learn more about the history of Montgomery County too!
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Exploring Bethesda and Montgomery County: A Map of the Area from 1878
Explore the area around Bethesda and Montgomery County, MD with this 1878 map. Learn why it was named Montgomery County and more! Click for a larger map.
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Why Is It Named Montgomery County?
Learn the story of Richard Montgomery and how he gave his name to Montgomery County in Maryland, plus how he's connected to Alabama! | Ghosts of DC
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