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Major Mite Visits the White House in 1922
In December 1922, 9-year-old Clarence Chesterfield Howerton, known as "Major Mite," visited the White House. Read about the visit and see a photo from the Washington Post on Ghosts of DC.
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A Munchkin in Washington: The Story of Julius Daranyi, Midget Traffic Cop
Follow the story of Julius Daranyi, a midget traffic cop in Washington DC in 1924. Relive this unique moment in history, complete with original Washington Post article, photographs, and related articles.
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Unbelievable! Midgets Arrive in Washington to Support Calvin Coolidge
This bizarre story from 1924 is true! A large group of midgets arrived in Washington to support President Calvin Coolidge. They wore buttons and ribbons inscribed with 'Coolidge 1925'. Read on to find out more about this unusual event!
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