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Pictures Tell a Story: Exploring an Old Photograph of Ford's Theatre
Explore an old photograph of Ford's Theatre with us in the new "Pictures Tell a Story" series. We've dug up some fascinating facts about the people and buildings in the photo, including a prosthetic legs store and Georgetown College.
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U.S. Botanical Gardens During the Civil War
This is an awesome photograph that we found at The National Archives. Botanical Gardens, Washington D.C. by Mathew Brady Source: U.S. National Archives
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A Look at the Old Patent Office in the Background of a 1860s View of Washington DC
Take a look at this 1860s view of Washington DC, featuring the Old Patent Office in the background. The photograph provides a unique glimpse into the city’s history and architecture.
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Allan's Nice Contribution of C&O Canal Shot Taken by Mathew Brady in 1860
Check out this nice contribution by GoDCer Allan of a shot of the C&O Canal taken by Mathew Brady in 1860. View the image and learn more about the history of the canal.
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A Rare Glimpse of the Capitol Building from the Civil War: The Photograph by Mathew Brady
Take a look at this historic photograph of the Capitol Building from the Civil War, taken by the acclaimed photographer Mathew Brady. Learn about the Civil War and see the photo here.
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What Happened on Election Day in 1876?
National Republican – Tuesday, November 7th, 1876 If you’re a history buff — and a presidential history buff — you’re well aware of the 1876 U.S. Presidential election. This is not a post about that. You can read up on the whole election on Wikipedia as well as the resulting “corrupt bargain,” the Compromise of 1877 — ending military occupation...
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