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1500 Mass. Ave advertisement - January 26th, 1969 (Washington Post)

Luxury Apartments at 1500 Mass. Ave for $109.50

Wow, this will make you choke. The ad is from January 26th, 1969 in the Washington Post. You know the building. You’ve probably passed it many times, or maybe you know someone that lives there. Check it out on Google

Indonesian embassy (Walsh-McLean Mansion)

If Walls Could Talk: Embassy of Indonesia

This is our first “If Walls Could Talk” guest post. Marty wrote a great bit on one of the incredible mansions on Mass Ave. The stately mansion at 2020 Massachusetts Ave NW surely must be one of DC’s greatest real

Section of Massachusetts Avenue showing block of shabby houses with outside toilets and water supply

Shabby Houses on Mass Ave

Here’s a shot by Carl Mydans from 1935. We found it on the Library of Congress’ site, but we’re not sure where this is on Mass Ave. Any ideas? Go to lunch, show your friends, debate it and post your

Where is the Original Dupont Circle Statue?

This is D.C.’s original statue of Rear Admiral Samuel Francis Dupont, installed in 1884. Here you see it – clearly sitting at the center of Dupont Circle. We see the namesake admiral but we don’t see the well-known Dupont Circle

Wreck at Massachusetts Ave. and 21st St. in 1917 (Shorpy)

Car Flattened Near Dupont – Another Look

I came across another angle for the nasty wreck at Mass Ave and 21st St. NW. I posted about this a few months ago with a look at the corner today from Google Street View. Look at the two dudes

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