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Hamilton "Ghost" Circle and Fairview Heights Near the Cathedral
The neighborhood surrounding the circle was once dubbed Fairview Heights, which no longer seems to appear on any contemporary maps.
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Oh My! 'Suggestive Songs' Not Good in 1921 Georgetown: A Look at the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Noise Complaint
We came across an amusing headline from 1921 about a noise complaint against the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity in Georgetown. Times never change do they? Read on to find out more about this 'suggestive songs' noise complaint!
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An Outstanding Map of the Area Around the Current Vice President's Residence
Take a look at this outstanding map of the area around the current Vice President's residence off of Mass. Ave. Get a glimpse into what the area looked like over a hundred years ago and explore the history of this unique area.
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A Look at the Beautiful Development Around Sheridan Circle in 1911
Take a look back at the beautiful development around Sheridan Circle in 1911 with this advertisement from The Washington Herald. Learn more about the history of this area in DC.
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Mayor Marion Barry's Proposal to Rename a Portion of Mass. Ave. After Nelson Mandela in 1985
In 1985, Mayor Marion Barry proposed renaming a portion of Massachusetts Avenue in front of the South African Embassy after anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela. Read the interesting story from The Baltimore Sun from July 3rd, 1985.
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The 1500 Mass. Ave Building in DC - An Incredible Ad from 1969
Take a look back in time and explore an incredible ad from the 1500 Mass. Ave building in DC that was published in the Washington Post in 1969. Check it out on Google Street View!
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If Walls Could Talk: a Look Inside the Incredible Walsh-McLean Mansion on Mass Ave
Get a peek inside the incredible Walsh-McLean Mansion on Mass Ave, built by gold-mining magnate Thomas Walsh and filled with untold tales of what took place behind its walls. Learn about the royal visitors, soirees, and the long-lost golden nugget.
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Investigating a 1935 Photo of Massachusetts Avenue: Where are These Homes Today?
We found a photo from 1935 of Massachusetts Avenue, but we're not sure where it is. Any ideas? Go to lunch, show your friends, debate it and post your thoughts in the comments below. Are these homes still there?
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An Up-Close Look at the 1917 Wreck at Massachusetts Ave. and 21st St. NW
Get an up-close look at the 1917 wreck at Massachusetts Ave. and 21st St. NW in Washington, DC, featuring two casually curious onlookers. Relive the scene with photos, then explore related articles.
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If Walls Could Talk: Embassy of Ireland
St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, but that is only the climax of the love affair between our country and The Emerald Isle. Everyone has, or claims to have, some link back to Ireland. My wife firmly places her heritage on that island, but alas, I trace my roots back to Ayrshire and the Scottish Lowlands — I don’t think the Irish will hold this against me. Everyone’s favorite...
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Three Men Jump to Their Deaths off Washington Bridges in 1946
In 1946, three men jumped to their deaths off three bridges in Washington, DC. Learn more about their tragic stories, from their family's perspective and the details of the day, in this blog post.
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A Look at a Car Accident on Massachusetts and 21st St. NW: Then and Now
Take a look at this serious car accident on Massachusetts and 21st St. NW from 1917 and then a recent Google Street View. Check out the photo from 1917 and then the recent Google Street View.
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