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Never Built Hancock Circle at 16th and U
Many of you are probably shocked to hear that there was a traffic circle at 16th and U St. The intersection is already a nightmare, with New Hampshire crossing at a diagonal. If you cross as a pedestrian, you are at least 35% likely to be hit by a car screaming down 16th St., only to veer down New Hampshire at the last second. Major General Winfield Scott Hancock during the Civil War (Library of...
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Three Stories About Boundary Castle
Meridian Hill was once graced with the presence of a magnificent castle. Yes, a castle. Boundary Castle, also known as Henderson Castle and sometimes Prospect Castle, was the home of John and Mary Henderson. John, being the former Senator from Missouri who authored the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery and Mary being the powerful socialite who established 16th St. NW as the epicenter of culture and...
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Exploring the Proposed Executive Mansion on Meridian Hill and Mary Foote Henderson's Plans for Washington
Take a look at the proposed Executive Mansion to be built on Meridian Hill, a plan championed by Mary Foote Henderson. See the extravagant design, plus learn more about Mrs. Henderson and other buildings that were never built in Washington.
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