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Victory of Japan Day in Washington, DC - Celebrating the End of World War II
Flashback to August 14th, 1945 - Victory of Japan day and the final end of World War II. Read about the celebration that took place in front of the White House, in Lafayette Square, and the other regular happenings of the day.
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It's Friday and GoDCers Love Maps: Explore an 1888 Map of Lafayette Square and Farragut Square
It's Friday and GoDCers love maps! Check out this amazing 1888 map of Lafayette Square and Farragut Square. See the area in a whole new way!
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An Isometrical View of the White House and Surrounding Area in the 1850s
Take a look at an isometrical view of the White House and the surrounding area in the 1850s. This unique view was found in the Library of Congress archives and was done in 1984.
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A Fascinating Look at Lafayette Park, Near the White House – Then and Now
Take a journey through time with these photos of Lafayette Park near the White House. See how the statues have barely changed over the last 100 years, but the surroundings have! Click the images below for a closer look.
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