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The Kennedy Center Could Have Looked Like This
The Kennedy Center could have looked a bit like the Watergate does today with this very curvy design proposal. This drawing was done by Edward Durell Stone, the architect who would design the final building.
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An Amazing Photo of National Airport in 1967: Kennedy Center and Watergate Under Construction
Check out this amazing photo from a 1967 Eastern Airlines flight on approach to National Airport in D.C. You can see the Kennedy Center under construction on the right and the Watergate buildings going up on the left.
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What If The Kennedy Center Had Its Own Metro Station?
Imagine if the Kennedy Center had its own Metro station. Here's an article from the Washington Post from 1966 that explores the estimated cost and feasibility of making this a reality.
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Paul McCartney's Emotional Performance of 'Hey Jude' - A Look Back at History
Take a look back at history with Paul McCartney's passionate performance of 'Hey Jude'. Watch his face closely throughout the performance and compare it to the Beatles' first concert in the US back in 1964. An emotional, powerful performance that will give you chills.
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