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Tag: James G. Blaine

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Bartholdi Fountain Almost Moved to Dupont Circle in 1881
The Bartholdi Fountain on Capitol Hill was almost moved to Dupont Circle at the request of James Blaine. Until history intervened.
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Exploring the History of Blaine Mansion in Dupont Circle and Pizzeria Paradiso
Explore the history of Blaine Mansion in Dupont Circle around 1900 and discover Pizzeria Paradiso, the go-to spot for great pizza and beer. Get all the details here!
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Blaine Mansion in 1900: The Only Old Dupont Circle "Castle" Still Standing
Discover the amazing history of Blaine Mansion in 1900, the only old Dupont Circle "castle" still standing today. Plus, it's a great place to get pizza and craft beer!
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Exploring the Blaine Mansion at the Turn of the Century
Explore the history of the Blaine Mansion at the turn of the century, built in 1881 and former home of James G. Blaine, former Speaker of the House, Senator, and twice the Secretary of State. See a color photo and what the area looks like today.
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