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A Look Back in Time – President Herbert Hoover with Boys and Girls at the White House
Take a look back in time with this cool old photo showing President Herbert Hoover with a large group of boys and girls at the White House. Source: Shorpy.
Friends Meeting House of Washington, D.C. (Wikipedia)
The Quaker House on Florida Ave: Unearthing Three Interesting Stories
Uncovering three fascinating stories from the Quaker House on Florida Ave, including President Hoover’s attendance at the opening, civil rights leader Ralph Abernathy speaking, & Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee being sued.
Herbert and Lou Hoover on footbridge at Rapidan Camp
Charles Lindbergh's Horseshoe Championship Win at President Hoover's Summer Camp in 1929
Read about Charles Lindbergh's horseshoe championship win at President Herbert Hoover's summer camp in 1929, just a few months before the start of the Great Depression. Learn about the White House and Constitution Avenue, too!
An Unforgettable Silent Film: The 1929 Inauguration of Herbert Hoover
Relive the 1929 Inauguration of Herbert Hoover with this unforgettable silent film. See outgoing President Calvin Coolidge, Supreme Court members, and the grand parade celebrating the incoming president.

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