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Teddy Roosevelt: The Badass President Who Carried a Revolver Everywhere
Teddy Roosevelt was a total badass, the likes of which we won't ever see again in the White House. He carried a revolver everywhere he went and was not afraid to whip a lady who passed him on horseback. Read this article to find out even more!
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A Terrifying Elevator Plunge, Union Steel & a Shotgun: The History of DC's Longworth House Office Building
Take a journey through the history of DC's Longworth House Office Building. From a terrifying elevator plunge, to union steel and a shotgun, read about the past of this Capitol Hill icon!
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96 Years Before District of Columbia v. Heller: Purchasing a Firearm at National Sporting Goods Co.
96 years before District of Columbia v. Heller, purchasing a firearm in DC was a much simpler affair. Learn about National Sporting Goods Co. in 1912 and their bargain prices on 12 gauge Remington automatics and revolvers.
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