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Manager Stanley Harris, in the grandstand, presents President Coolidge with the baseball used to open the 1924 World Series (October 4th, 1924)

President and Mrs. Coolidge Go to World Series

The Washington Senators were in the World Series in 1924, and ultimately would come away victorious. What you might not know is that Grace Coolidge (she also spent some time in Columbia Heights) was a huge baseball fan. Her husband, not so much. But she had plans to change that, at least for a night […]

Calvin and Grace Coolidge with dog

Dog Humps Leg of First Lady Grace Coolidge

Okay, that’s probably not what’s happening in this photo, but that title probably piqued your interest. It is a bizarre photo, nonetheless and we felt compelled to share it.

Calvin Coolidge, The Vice President of What?

This one made me laugh. This would never happen today … at least I hope it wouldn’t. It’s a story about Calvin Coolidge’s time here at Vice President under Warren Harding. Coolidge and his family arrived in Washington as the new Vice President and needed to find a suitable home. Unfortunately for the Coolidge clan, […]

J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan by Paramount Pictures (1924)

First Lady Grace Coolidge Visits the Tivoli Theater in Columbia Heights

Michelle Obama isn’t the only first lady to set foot in Columbia Heights. Grace Coolidge took the drive up 14th St. to attend a benefit for the Girl Scouts at the Tivoli Theater. The Washington Post reported the event on October 31st, 1925. MRS. COOLIDGE will be the guest of honor of the children of […]

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