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President and Mrs. Coolidge Go to World Series
The Washington Senators were in the World Series in 1924, and ultimately would come away victorious. What you might not know is that Grace Coolidge (she also spent some time in Columbia Heights) was a huge baseball fan. Her husband, not so much. But she had plans to change that, at least for a night to watch game six of the World Series against the New York Giants. Below is an article that we dug...
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Dog Humps Leg of First Lady Grace Coolidge
Okay, that’s probably not what’s happening in this photo, but that title probably piqued your interest. It is a bizarre photo, nonetheless and we felt compelled to share it. Calvin and Grace Coolidge with dog
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Calvin Coolidge: The Quiet Vice President Who Evacuated the Willard Hotel During a Fire
Calvin Coolidge was known to be an extremely quiet man. When he and his wife had to evacuate the Willard Hotel during a fire, he showed his true colors of kindness and good humor. Read the full story of how he stayed calm in a chaotic situation.
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First Lady Grace Coolidge Visits the Tivoli Theater in Columbia Heights
Grace Coolidge at the Tivoli Theater Girl Scouts benefit (November 7th, 1925) Michelle Obama isn’t the only first lady to set foot in Columbia Heights. Grace Coolidge took the drive up 14th St. to attend a benefit for the Girl Scouts at the Tivoli Theater. The Washington Post reported the event on October 31st, 1925. MRS. COOLIDGE will be the guest of honor of the children of Washington...
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