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Searching for a Reliable Ghost: The Frustrations of a Ghost Hunter
Searching for ghosts can be a tedious and oftentimes fruitless endeavor. In this blog post, read about the frustrations of a ghost hunter and the unique request made by one psychical research society in the late 19th century!
White House daguerreotype by John Plumbe, Jr. in 1846 (Library of Congress)
The Haunted White House: Ghosts, Superstition and the Executive Mansion
Explore the allegedly haunted White House in this blog post. Read about the superstitions and ghostly tales that have been linked to the White House over the years, including stories of John Quincy Adams, "Black Jack" Logan, and more.
boy on the steps to the Octagon House in 1921
Exploring the Most Haunted Place in DC on All Hallows' Eve
Join us as we explore the Octagon House, the most haunted place in the City of Washington, DC, on All Hallows' Eve! See a photo of a boy walking up the steps to the house and learn why you shouldn't knock on the door tonight.
Capitol Hill Haunts - Tim Krepp
The Mysterious Ghost of the Capitol Hill Police Substation
On Capitol Hill a few blocks from the Eastern Market Metro Station is a relic of a time gone by, the Metropolitan Police Department's First District Substation. Read here to learn about the mysterious ghost seen on the video cameras at the station.

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