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Wanted: Lively Ghost in a Haunted House

In doing research for my latest book, Ghosts of Georgetown, I became accustomed to wandering down many a dead end. Promising stories peter out, ancient and venerable buildings that by all rights should be chock full of ghosts aren’t, and, most frustratingly, I once tracked down a really good spirit all the way to his […]

White House daguerreotype by John Plumbe, Jr. in 1846 (Library of Congress)

In Search of a Real White House Ghost

A great article in the Washington Post from November 2nd, 1902 is very apropos for this blog, or at least the name of the blog. We don’t really write about ghosts stories, except for the allegedly haunted suite at the Omni Shoreham and the Octagon House. Well, every now and then we make an exception, […]

boy on the steps to the Octagon House in 1921

Is the Octagon House Haunted?

Here is an apropos photo for All Hallows’ Eve. It’s a shot of a boy walking up the steps to the Octagon House, a house I wouldn’t recommend entering this evening, since it is frequently listed as the most haunted place in the entire city. Nevertheless, the photo is great. Don’t knock on this door […]

Capitol Hill Haunts - Tim Krepp

Officer Sprinkle and the Haunted Police Station

This is the first guest post by GoDCer Tim. Given that we have “ghosts” in our name and with today being Halloween, it’s appropriate to have a post about the paranormal. Also, don’t forget to check out Tim’s recently released book on Amazon about haunted Capitol Hill. On Capitol Hill a few blocks from the […]

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