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Why Were the Redskins the Last NFL Team to Integrate?
Washington was the last team to integrate, 16 years after the color barrier was broken. Owner George P. Marshall ran a southern-focused media empire and was pushed into anti-discrimination compliance by the Kennedy Administration. Read the story to learn more.
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Remembering Griffith Stadium: The Demise of a D.C. Landmark
Remember the days of Griffith Stadium? Learn about the demise of this D.C. landmark, which was the site of three World Series, two All-Star games, and eight U.S. Presidents. Read the sad article from the Washington Post and watch a YouTube video to learn more.
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A Look Back at Howard University and St. John's College Football Teams in 1904 and 1906
Take a look back at Howard University and St. John's College football teams from 1904 and 1906. Check out the cool photos and learn about how the school has changed over time.
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Duke vs. GWU Football Game, November 13th, 1948 – A Completely Lopsided 62-0 Victory for Duke!
On November 13th, 1948, Duke and GWU met in a football game that was lopsided to say the least. Duke won by an incredible 62-0 score - read on to learn more about the game!
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Only the Dallas Cowboys Saved the Washington Redskins from Complete Disaster in 1961
In 1961, the Washington Redskins were the only NFL team without a black player on their roster. Dallas Cowboys saved the Redskins from complete disaster that year, and the power of the federal government, coupled with the Redskins' owner, forced the 'Skins to integrate. Learn more about how the Redskins overcame their all-white team in 1961.
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A Trip Down Memory Lane: Revisiting the Washington Football Franchise's Dismal 1954 Season
Take a trip down memory lane to revisit the Washington Football franchise's dismal 1954 season. Read about the 62-3 trouncing, the 3-9 record, and the tragedy after the game. #WashingtonFootball #NFL #Sports
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Maryland's Almost-Heisman Heroes: The Stories of Jack Scarbath and Bernie Faloney
Jack Scarbath and Bernie Faloney were star quarterbacks for the University of Maryland football team in the 1950s. Scarbath helped build Byrd Stadium and almost won the Heisman Trophy. Faloney led the team to a national championship and had a successful career in Canadian football.
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So Long ACC, Hello Big Ten: Maryland Football's Final Game in the Atlantic Coast Conference
As the University of Maryland prepares to leave the Atlantic Coast Conference, reminisce on the Terrapin's glory days in 1954 and the 74-13 victory over Missouri that set the single-game scoring record for 27 years.
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Discovering the Forgotten Ballston Skulls: A Semi-Pro Football Team of the 1930s
Discover the forgotten story of the Ballston Skulls, a semi-pro football team of the 1930s. We've dug up some history and searched for photos, but if you know of any, please let us know!
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Uncovering History: How the Gallaudet University Football Team Invented the Football Huddle in the 1920s
Uncovering history: the Gallaudet University football team invented the huddle in the 1920s as a way to keep their signed plays secret. Learn more about the four players from the 1920 Gallaudet University football squad that made history.
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Exploring the Sports Page of the Washington Times on November 2nd, 1906
On Friday, November 2nd, 1906, explore the sports page of the Washington Times in this nostalgic look back into history. See what sports were popular over a century ago!
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The 1942 NFL Championship Game: When the Washington Redskins Humiliated the Chicago Bears 73 to 0
It was 1942, the United States was in World War II and the Washington Redskins were playing the Chicago Bears in the NFL Championship Game. Relive the 73-0 shellacking the Redskins put on the Bears and the last time helmets were not required for the NFL.
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Hilltop Football Victory Wins Bride for Student: The 1928 Story of Marjorie Morris and F Stanley Nishwitz
In 1928, a football victory at Georgetown University resulted in a surprise wedding for Marjorie Morris and F Stanley Nishwitz. Read the story of this unique bet and the final score that rang the wedding bells!
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Reliving the Washington Redskins' Super Bowl XXVI Victory
Relive the glory of the Washington Redskins' 1992 Super Bowl XXVI victory with highlights from the game and related articles. Plus, find out why the team hasn't been back since.
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