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Fidel Castro
It's Midnight in Washington...and this is the Steve Allison show: A Look Back at Fidel Castro's 1959 Visit to the Nation's Capital
Take a look back at Fidel Castro's historic visit to DC in 1959, when the Cuban leader appeared as a 'surprise' guest on the Steve Allison show at the Ceres Restaurant. What was the public perception of him then?
Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro in Washington, DC in 1959: A Photo Essay
Relive Fidel Castro's visit to Washington, DC in 1959. This photo essay takes a look at a young Castro, his visit to Meridian Hill Park and his arrival at National Airport. A fascinating look at a revolutionary leader from our own backyard.
letter from Castro to FDR
Unbelievable: A Letter Written by 14-Year-Old Fidel Castro Discovered in the National Archives
Discover the unbelievable! A letter written by Fidel Castro, at the age of 14, was recently discovered in the National Archives. Read the story and see the letter here.

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