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The Sad Reality of D.C. Lacking National Representation
Discover the sad reality of D.C. lacking national representation through this print found in The Evening Star. Visit the Dig DC Collection by the DC Public Library to learn more.
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This Cutaway Drawing of the Evening Star Building is Amazing
Check out this amazing cutaway drawing of the Evening Star Building at 11th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW. We posted a great photo of it some time ago, but this was something we had to share. The image was printed in the Evening Star on May 10th, 1922.
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A Look Back at a Full Page Budweiser Ad from January 15th, 1906
Take a look back at a full page Budweiser ad that ran in The Evening Star on January 15th, 1906. Learn more about the fascinating history of this iconic American brand.
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Exploring the Divisions of White Schools in Washington, DC in 1907
Take a look back in time to explore the divisions of white schools in Washington, DC in 1907. This fascinating map was published by the Evening Star on June 13th, 1907. Source: Library of Congress.
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In The Paper Series: Exploring The Evening Star Newspaper From June 22nd, 1901
Read through an old newspaper with us! Our new "In The Paper" series lets you explore the Evening Star newspaper from June 22nd, 1901. Let us know if you find anything interesting!
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Exploring the “Then and Now” of the Washington Star (or Evening Star) Building
Take a journey through time and explore the “Then and Now” of the Washington Star (or Evening Star) Building. Learn about the history of the building, the newspaper, and the renovation that saved it.
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