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A Look Back: View of the Department of Agriculture, The Smithsonian Castle, and the US Capitol from the Washington Monument 100 Years Ago
Take a look back in time to see what Washington DC's Department of Agriculture, Smithsonian Castle, and US Capitol looked like over a hundred years ago. Thanks to the DC Public Library, we have this amazing photo taken from atop the Washington Monument.
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Jessie Hoover of the Department of Agriculture: A Colorized Photograph
Take a closer look at this colorized photograph of Jessie Hoover of the Department of Agriculture in 1923. Miss Hoover pushed a national campaign to educate Americans on the nutritional value of milk with the slogan “better food, less expense.”
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If Walls Could Talk: Big Bear Cafe
Big Bear Cafe is a lovely coffee shop which has warmed up Bloomingdale residents since 2007. It’s a favorite of many in the neighborhood and, for better or worse, people in other neighborhoods (this Portlandia clip is very àpropos). It’s Friday afternoon and we’re on the cusp of a chilly, rainy weekend. So, let me say that there’s no better place to go for a nice hot chocolate,...
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