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Cuban Embassy
Pinpointing the Dates of Photos Labeled 1905 to 1945 – Could They Be From the 1930s?
We need some help figuring out the dates of these photos from the Library of Congress. They were labeled 1905 to 1945, but could they be from the 1930s? Let's explore the clues and see what we can discover!
cuban war mission to the u.s. capt. tabio; lazama; carricarti; gen. marti; kear; wittermyer; vander gutch, naval attache at cuban legation; maj. e
Revisiting History: A Look at the Cuban War Mission to the United States in 1917
Take a look back in time to 1917 when the Cuban War Mission visited the United States. See photos and learn more about the mission with this historical revisit.
President Coolidge calls on President Machado of Cuba upon arrival in Washington. President Coolidge with President Gerardo Machado of Cuba [...]ides photographed at the Cuban embassy in Washington Chief Executive of the United States paid a return [...]a's President. President Machado had previously President Coolidge at the White House shortly after [...]l in the National Capital
A Look Back in Time: President Coolidge Visiting President Machado at the Cuban Embassy in 1927
Take a look back in time to April 22nd, 1927 when President Calvin Coolidge visited President Gerardo Machado at the Cuban Embassy. See the historic photo from the Library of Congress.
Embassy of Cuba in 1937
Take a Trip Back in Time: An Incredible Photo of the Cuban Embassy at 2630 16th St. NW in 1937
Take a trip back in time with this incredible photo of the Cuban Embassy at 2630 16th St. NW in Washington, DC in 1937. Source: Library of Congress.
Connecticut Avenue bridge wreck in 1925 (Shorpy)
Tragedy on Klingle Ford Bridge: The 1925 Fatal Wreck of Henry Thayer and His Family
On June 16th, 1925, the Thayer family veered off Klingle Ford Bridge on Connecticut Avenue, plunging 75 feet and resulting in the death of Mr. Thayer and his daughter. Read the tragic story of the Thayer family's fatal wreck and the sole survivor, baby Miriam Macias.

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