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The home at 1730 to 1738 V St. NW
Hobbit Houses Near Boundary Castle and a Surprise Historical Connection
GoDC buddy Wayne has kindly requested some digging into the story of the “hobbit homes” on V St. NW. We’re happy to oblige as we are quite curious of their origins. So, this will be a unique “If Walls Could Talk” for GoDCer Wayne. The homes we are investigating are situated about two blocks from 18th and U St. NW. If you’ve ever walked by them, you know what we’re referring to. There are five homes on V St. NW (1730 to 1738), three on 17th St. NW (2100...
Boundary Castle
Three Stories About Boundary Castle
Meridian Hill was once graced with the presence of a magnificent castle. Yes, a castle. Boundary Castle, also known as Henderson Castle and sometimes Prospect Castle, was the home of John and Mary Henderson. John, being the former Senator from Missouri who authored the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery and Mary being the powerful socialite who established 16th St. NW as the epicenter of culture and society in the early 20th century. Boundary Castle in the 1920s by Theodor Horydczak (Library...

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