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Last World Series in Washington, D.C.
When was the last World Series in Washington? Before 2019, is was 1933 when the Senators played, and lost to, the New York Giants in five games.
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Babe Ruth's Last Hurrah in Washington - His 1934 Final Series at Griffith Stadium
Babe Ruth and the Yankees came to Washington in September 1934 for one final hurrah. Read the Washington Post article from the next day honoring the hero's 22-year career and learn about his 708th and last career home run in a Yankees uniform.
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Babe Ruth Runs Into Wall; Knocked Unconscious
I can guarantee you will never see a player do this today. Babe Ruth was knocked unconscious for five whole minutes and stayed in the game, going 3 for 3 ... AND played the second game of a double header. A player gets pulled today for a hangnail.
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In Hotel Lobbies: Lou Gehrig Celebrates the New Year in Washington
The Iron Horse himself, Lou Gehrig, was in our city to celebrate the start of a new year in 1929. He was staying at the old Hotel Occidental on Pennsylvania Ave.
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Babe Ruth Visits the White House: A Starstruck Moment in 1921
On December 7th, 1921, Babe Ruth, the biggest celebrity in America, visited the White House to stop by and say hello to President Harding. Read about this starstruck moment and related stories!
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Babe Ruth Enlists with the New York National Guard in 1924
George Herman "Babe" Ruth, the most popular man in America at the time, enlisted with the New York National Guard in 1924. Read the story of his enlistment and see photos from the event. Plus, find out what happened when the Yankees came to town for a doubleheader.
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The Wild Ride of Leon Woodrow Rice from Shepherdstown, W. Va. on December 7th, 1930
A wild ride in Dupont Circle that ended in an attempted suicide led to the arrest of Leon Woodrow Rice, 21 of Shepherdstown, W. Va. on December 7th, 1930. A look into his past revealed a connection to the same orphanage as Babe Ruth. Read the full story here.
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