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Last World Series in Washington, D.C.
When was the last World Series in Washington? Before 2019, is was 1933 when the Senators played, and lost to, the New York Giants in five games.
Babe Ruth at bat against Washington
Babe Ruth's Last Hurrah in Washington: A Look Back at the 1934 Season
Take a look back at Babe Ruth's last hurrah in Washington in 1934. Read the Washington Post article from the next day, and learn about the Mighty Man of Baseball's 22-year career. Plus, see photos of the Babe in action!
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Babe Ruth Runs Into Wall; Knocked Unconscious
I can guarantee you will never see a player do this today. Babe Ruth was knocked unconscious for five whole minutes and stayed in the game, going 3 for 3 ... AND played the second game of a double header. A player gets pulled today for a hangnail.
Lou Gehrig in 1939 (NY Daily News)
Celebrating the New Year with Lou Gehrig in 1929
Celebrating the New Year in 1929, Lou Gehrig, the Iron Horse himself, was in Washington, DC to ring in the New Year. Read about his famous farewell speech and his stay at the Occidental Hotel.
Babe Ruth exiting the West Wing
A Look Back at Babe Ruth's Visit to the White House in 1921
On December 7th, 1921, baseball's greatest hitter Babe Ruth visited President Harding in the White House. See an old photo of him exiting the West Wing and read about his earlier visits to the Executive Office of the President.
Babe Ruth signs up for the New York National Guard
Babe Ruth in Washington, DC: The Story Behind the National Guard Enlistment Photo
Learn the story behind the iconic photo of Babe Ruth in a military uniform. He was in Washington, DC to enlist in the New York National Guard and play two games against the Washington Senators. Read the amusing articles from the Washington Post and Associated Press about the event.
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Digging Deeper: Elmer Ardeeser, the Driver From 1930 Dupont Circle Car Crash
This blog post investigates Elmer Ardeeser, the driver at the center of a 1930 Dupont Circle car crash. Elmer had an interesting past, including ties to Babe Ruth's orphanage. Learn more about the event and the people involved.

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