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Uncovering the Historical Significance Behind This Captivating Photo from the Early 20th Century
In this captivating photo from the early 20th century, a group of men and one woman are intently watching an aerial display. Learn the story behind this snapshot and the historical context surrounding it, captured by renowned photographers Harris & Ewing.
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Hoover Field: Before the Pentagon and National Airport
There used to be an airport where the Pentagon stands today. Washington-Hoover Airport operated from 1933 to 1941, replaced by National Airport.
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A Photograph of the Rex Smith Aeroplane Being Piloted by Antony Jannus Around 1911
Take a look back in time at a photograph of the Rex Smith aeroplane being piloted by Antony Jannus around 1911. See this remarkable image of aviation history here!
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Witnessing History: Harry Atwood's Historic Flight to the White House in 1911
Witness the history of aviation! Read about Harry Atwood's historic flight to the White House in 1911, shared by GoDCer Mike. See the picture, read the Washington Post article, and more!
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