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Washington circa 1900. "Stewart's Castle, Dupont Circle." The William Morris Stewart house on Massachusetts Avenue, designed by Adolph Cluss, shortly before it was demolished. National Photo glass negative.
Remembering Stewart's Castle: A Tragic Loss in Washington's Architectural History
Discover the story of Stewart's Castle, a lost gem of Washington DC's architectural history. Learn about its design, famous residents, and ultimate demolition in 1901 in this post.
William Stickney residence in the 1870s. William leading against building (source: adolf-cluss.org)
Exploring the Stickney House: A Look Back at a Lost D.C. Gem
Take a look back at the Stickney House, a lost D.C. gem. Read about William Stickney, the prominent Washington figure who commissioned the home, the people who lived there and its tragic demise.

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