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Posted In 1760s

May 1st, 1760
Uncovering History: An Indentured Servant's Escape in 1760 Maryland
Discover the fascinating story of William Steuphenson (or Stevenson), an indentured servant who escaped from Lower Marlboro, Maryland in 1760. Read more about this unique piece of history in our blog post.
May 1st, 1760
Looking Back to Colonial America: Exploring a Land Advertisement from the Maryland Gazette in 1760
Delve into the past with an old advertisement from the Maryland Gazette in 1760 promoting a large tract of land for rent in Fairfax, located about 40 miles northwest of Alexandria. Through this historical document and a bit of research, gain insight into life in early colonial America and the social and economic dynamics of the time.
Historic Train station in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
Why Is It Named Gaithersburg?
The town currently known as Gaithersburg was settled in 1765 under the name Log Town. Like much of the area, it was primarily agricultural. Benjamin Gaither inherited much of the land from his father-in-law, Henry Brookes, and built a house on it in 1802.

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