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Chain Bridge at the end of the Civil War (Library of Congress)
Where Washington's Historic Chain Bridge Gets Its Name
Learn the history of Chain Bridge Road in Washington, DC, and why it's named after a bridge that has no chains. Discover the story of the bridge's role in the Civil War and the floods of 1936 that led to its replacement.
1791 L'Enfant Plan of the new city
Why Is There No J Street in Washington, DC?
In the English alphabet, the letter J looked too much like the letter I, so Pierre L'Enfant omitted J street in DC.
1935 map of D.C. juvenile delinquents
1935 Map of Juvenile Delinquents in Washington
This is a map from 1935, plotting all the residences housing a juvenile delinquent, according to the Juvenile Court of the District of Columbia.
D.C. slums in 1935
What Is The History of Hell's Bottom?
Where was Hell's Bottom in Washington, DC and what happened there? Here are three stories from lost history about the long-gone neighborhood.
Washington, D.C. Mormon Temple from a distance (ldschurchtemples.com)
History of Washington's Mormon Temple
The Mormon Temple outside DC is full of mystery and intrigue, like the "Surrender Dorothy" graffiti. Learn about the LDS "castle" near Rock Creek.
Key Bridge under construction
The Construction of Key Bridge Connecting Georgetown and Rosslyn
Learn about the construction of Key Bridge, connecting Georgetown and Rosslyn, from 1917 to 1923. See a photo of the bridge under construction with the Washington Monument in the distance.
Who Was Frank Morris? He Escaped Alcatraz.
Frank Morris was from Washington, DC; a career criminal, he had a high IQ of 133, and was the only person to escape from Alcatraz.
City of Washington, statistical maps / compiled by Lieut. F.V. Greene, assistant to the Engineer Commissioner, July 1st 1880 ; compiled by Lieut. F.V. Greene, U.S. Eng'rs ... to accompany the annual report of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia for the year ending June 30th 1880 ; Wm. T.O. Bruff, del., Eng'r Dept., D.C.
Shaw, Mt. Vernon Square, and Dupont Circle: A 19th-Century Property Value Comparison
Property in Shaw and Mt. Vernon Square is worth three to four times more than in Dupont Circle. This is a fascinating map from the Library of Congress. Click the map for greater detail and learn more about this amazing piece.
streetcar entering Dupont Underground near end of construction in 1949 (theatlanticcities.com)
Taking a Tour of the Dupont Underground: Stepping Back in Time to 1955
Take a tour of the Dupont Underground and you feel like you are stepping back into 1955. Learn about the history of the Dupont Circle underground station, from its construction in 1948 to its ambitious repurposing project today.
February 27, 1923. "Miss Alice Reighly, 1409 Harvard Street, president of Anti-Flirt Club, which has just been organized in Washington, D.C., and will launch an 'Anti-Flirt Week' beginning March 4. The club is composed of young women and girls who have been embarrassed by men in automobiles and on street corners." National Photo Company Collection glass negative. (Shorpy)
A Look at the Amazing Anti-Flirt Club and Their "Anti-Flirt Week" from 1923
Take a look back in time to 1923 and the Anti-Flirt Club. Learn about the club, their "Anti-Flirt Week", and their 10 commandments. Bizarre and amazing!

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