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We Loved Empire of Mud by J.D. Dickey. You Will Too.

You’ll love this book too if you’re a fan of this blog. We guarantee it. This is a captivating book that details the history of our city from the early days before its birth, to George Washington’s involvement in site selection and throwing his weight behind making this audacious, possibly foolhardy project, become a reality. […]

Emily Edson Briggs, aka "Olivia"

Official Etiquette in 1870s Washington

Last weekend, we stumbled across a great window into social life in 19th century Washington. “The Olivia Letters,” written in 1906 by Emily Edson Briggs, provides terrific insight into what our city was like, especially with regards to the formalities and rules of etiquette. Briggs was one of the first female newspaper correspondents in the […]

John DeFerrari's book: Lost Washington, D.C. (Amazon.com)

Read This Book: Lost Washington, D.C.

Are you looking for that next great book about Washington history? John DeFerrari’s book Lost Washington, D.C. is the one for you. John is a native Washingtonian and has a deep passion for our city’s history, and I’m talking about the personal stories and lesser known events, lost to history. Much of his work has […]

Read This Book: A Neighborhood Guide to Washington, D.C.’s Hidden History

This is a great book if you’re interested in some local Washington history. Jeanne Fogle does an excellent job highlighting sites in the District that are less known to tourists and residents alike. I tore through this book on a recent flight to California and was inspired to add no less than two dozen ideas […]

The Siege of Washington

Read This Book: The Siege of Washington

Buy this book and then read it (I bought the Kindle version). It is an excellent window into life in Washington City in the days after the fall of Fort Sumter. It chronicles life in the District starting April 14th, 1861. Word had spread to Washington that the Union flag was lowered over Fort Sumter. […]

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