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Uncovering History: The Stories of Abraham Lincoln and Boston Corbett
Uncover the fascinating tales of Lincoln, Corbett, and a nation divided in this gripping exploration of Byron Berkeley Johnson's 1914 book. A must-read for history enthusiasts seeking fresh insights!
Empire of Mud: A Captivating Book Detailing the History of Washington, DC
Discover the captivating history of Washington, DC with the book, 'Empire of Mud.' From Pierre L'Enfant to Alexander "Boss" Shepherd, this book details the history of the city and its colorful characters. Check out the YouTube vid & get the book today!
Emily Edson Briggs, aka "Olivia"
Exploring Social Life in 19th Century Washington Through Emily Edson Briggs' "The Olivia Letters
Take a journey back in time to 19th century Washington with Emily Edson Briggs' "The Olivia Letters." Learn about the formalities and rules of etiquette, and get a glimpse into the social life of the city.
John DeFerrari's book: Lost Washington, D.C. (Amazon.com)
Uncovering the Treasures of Washington's Past: A Review of John DeFerrari's Book Lost Washington, DC
John DeFerrari's book Lost Washington, DC is a treasure trove of information about the city's history. Read this review to learn why it's a must-read for anyone interested in Washington's past!
Read This Book: A Neighborhood Guide to Washington, D.C.'s Hidden History
Get the scoop on Washington, D.C.'s less-known historical sites with this book. Learn about the Kennedy-Warren Apartments, Brumidi House, and other fascinating places. If you're a D.C. history nerd, you can't miss this book!
The Siege of Washington
The Siege of Washington: A Ground Level Perspective of April 14th - 25th, 1861
Take a ground level perspective of life in Washington City in the days after the fall of Fort Sumter. Read about the panic that spread, the Confederate response and the harsh words for President Lincoln and his cabinet. See photos from the era to get a better feel for living in Washington in 1861.

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