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January 7, 2014

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Recounting a College Prank that Nearly Went Wrong in Georgetown University in 1900
In 1900, a college prank in Georgetown University nearly went wrong. Students attempted to scare a stable attendant, but a horse was stolen and the police were called. Read more about this bizarre incident on Ghosts of DC.
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Exploring the 1863 Convalescent Camp Four Miles Outside of Washington
Explore the 1863 convalescent camp four miles outside of Washington, run by the U.S. Christian Commission. See photos of the camp and the Commission's 1865 D.C. headquarters.
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The Robbery of Frederick Douglass' Former Home at Cedar Hill in 1905
Read about the robbery of Frederick Douglass' former home at Cedar Hill in Anacostia, Washington D.C. in 1905. Learn more about this historic event from The Washington Post and other sources.
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It Was 24 Degrees Below Average 130 Years Ago Today: A Look Back at the Misery of Winter in DC
It was a painfully uncomfortable day 130 years ago in DC. We went through the papers to dig up some old stories about the misery of winter and found some good stuff. Read on to learn more about the freezing temperatures and ice jams in the Potomac River!
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A Look Back at Directions to Harpers Ferry in 1914
A fun article from the Washington Post in 1914 offers directions to Harpers Ferry. Read the article to learn more about the town and its unrivaled scenic beauty. Plus, don't miss our awesome 1865 photo of the town!
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Pictures Tell a Story: Exploring a 1918 Photo of WWI Soldiers in DC
Explore a 1918 photo of World War I soldiers motoring through Washington, DC with pictures. Look at the soldiers, woman, bucket, and more to see what stories can be found in the photo.
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