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Day: October 11, 2013

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Hollin Hall in 1938

Hollin Hall in 1938

Here’s a cool ad for Hollin Hall, the plantation on Little Hunting Creek (read about it here). Hollin Hall was a plantation deeded to Thomson Mason, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, by his father George Mason.

boat club

Boat Club by Aqueduct Bridge

Here’s a great shot that we found on Flickr. It’s the boat club just above Aqueduct Bridge (or where Key Bridge is today). Source: D.C. Public Library

Washington Post headline - March 18th, 1912

Man in Jealous Rage Kills Wife and Self

We wanted to dig up a few stories on Buzzard Point since it’s recently been in the news as the potential site for our new D.C. United soccer stadium. The one we found fits nicely into our “From the Crazy

Aqueduct Bridge in 1898

Aqueduct Bridge in 1898

Avid GoDC commenter Mike, sent along this great shot of the old Aqueduct Bridge. It’s a really cool photograph from 1898, and in the foreground, you can see the Connecticut Pie Company wagon.

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