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Speed Limit Laws in Washington DC: 1906 vs. Today

Explore the dramatic change between speed limit laws in Washington DC over the last century! See what the laws were like in 1906 compared to today, and find out why the city has such strict limits.
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1906 Ford
1906 Ford

This is an amusing little piece that we dug up in the Baltimore Sun from April 7th, 1906. Ever complain about the speed limits in the city today? Take a look at what they were like over a hundred years ago.

Washington, April 6.–The Senate Committee on the District of Columbia today reported favorably a bill providing for the punishment of violations of the speed laws relating to automobiles. It limits the speed to 12 miles an hour within the city limits of Washington and 20 miles outside the limits.

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For the first offense a fine of from $5 to $50 is provided; for the second offense a fine of from $10 to $100, with discretionary imprisonment; for the third offense, within one year, the fine prescribed is from $50 to $250, and it is made mandatory upon the court to sentence the offender to serve from one to six months in the workhouse.

Um … 12 miles per hour! My Capital Bikeshare hits that (going down hill).

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