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Day: July 22, 2013

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Teddy Roosvelt and the oath of office in 1905

Photo of Teddy Roosevelt’s Oath of Office

Here’s a cool photo from Teddy Roosevelt’s inauguration on March 4th, 1905. Chief Justice Melville Fuller is administering the oath of office to Teddy Roosvelt. Click on it for some amazing details. Source: Library of Congress This is what it

Washington, D.C. Ex-Confederate iron-clad ram Stonewall at anchor; U.S. Capitol in the background

Wow … Ex-Confederate Ironclad Anchored in Washington

This is an amazing image. It shows the Confederate Ironclad Stonewall in 1865, anchoring in Washington. What’s amazing, is right between the masts, you can see the Capitol Dome. Source: Library of Congress And we did a little digging on

Dog, Pets, Etc classified ads in the Evening Star

Dog Cemetery at 14th and V Streets?

Is there a former pet cemetery at 14th and V Street NW? Check out this old ad from the Evening Star on July 16th, 1907. The address listed below, 2116 14th St. NW is the building right next to where

map of St. Elisabeth

Awesome Map of “St. Elisabeth” in 1867

This is a terrific old map from 1867 that we dug up at the Library of Congress. The land on top of which St. Elizabeths Hospital was built had been referred to as St. Elisabeth since the Colonial times and

Plan of the Navy Yard at Washington, D.C. : showing the position and dimensions of all the buildings as they were June 1st 1881.

Plan for the Navy Yard in 1881

We found this great old plan for the Washington Navy Yard at the Library of Congress. It shows the position and dimensions of all the buildings as they were on June 1st, 1881. Source: Library of Congress

Birdseye view of the National Capital, including the site of the proposed World's Exposition of 1892 and Permanent Exposition of the Three Americas

1892 World’s Fair in D.C. That Never Happened

Source: Library of Congress The World’s Fair or World’s Columbian Exposition was the celebration of the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ arrival in the New World. Several cities vied for the privilege of hosting the fair, including New York, Washington, and

Capitol Bldg., seen from atop Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.

View of the Capitol from the Washington Monument

Good Morning GoDCers! Unfortunately, we’re getting to the point where we have posted so many items that we can’t remember what we have posted. Hopefully this is not one of the photos we previously posted. Nevertheless, we think it’s an

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