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Unbelievable Offer: Get a Home in Washington, DC for Just $13,000

Check out this unbelievable offer from The Evening Star newspaper in 1906: a home for sale in Washington, DC for just $13,000! That same home is now worth over $1.4 million. Read the incredible story here.
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Here’s a cool ad from The Evening Star. This was published in their Friday, May 4th, 1906 edition. The house at 1708 Q St. NW was for sale, and it could be acquired for the sum of $13,000. What a deal! … considering the fact that Zillow places this home north of $1.4 million. Do you know who lives in that house? Send this along to them. I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of the fact that their home once cost slightly more than their current annual property tax.

1708 Q St. NW
1708 Q St. NW

Source: Library of Congress

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