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Day: May 10, 2013

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Bathing Beauties Pie-Eating Contest: A Blast From the Past
Take a step back in time with our look at the pie-eating contest held at the Tidal Basin Bathing Beach in 1921. See the amazing photos and learn about this historic event!
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Exploring the 1795 Plan of the City of Washington
Explore the first official plan of Washington D.C., published by Andrew Ellicott in 1792. Courtesy of the David Rumsey map collection.
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The Amazing Accomplishments of the Altman Siblings: Sylvia, Julian and Elmer
This is an amazing story about the Altman siblings: Sylvia, Julian and Elmer. Read about their incredible accomplishments, from graduating high school at 10 to graduating college at 17, and their success in music and radio.
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