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Day: January 25, 2013

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May 30th, 1886 real estate advertisement (Washington Post)

May 30th, 1886 Three-Story Brick Houses for Sale

The text is a little small and difficult to read, but this is really interesting. This is an advertisement I dug up from May 30th, 1886 in The Washington Post. You could have a pretty nice house for $15,000 or rent one for $40 per month. Not bad.    

Washington Post headline - March 6th 1927

Autos Collide on Florida Avenue; Young Teacher Killed

This is not an article you’re going to see today in the newspaper. Although, you’re more than likely to see a scene like this in a movie. This brutally gory article, published on March 6th, 1927, details a horrific accident on Florida Ave. NW at 1st St. If you were having a drink at Big […]

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