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Day: September 6, 2012

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Griffith Rooftop boxes (griffithstadium.com)

Griffith Stadium Beer Garden Opens

Prohibition lasted at Griffith Stadium well past the official repeal. You may not know this, but unfortunately for Senators fans, owner Clark Griffith was a teetotaling prohibitionist. He was adamantly opposed to permitting the sale of beer in his stadium.

3612 Bangor St. SE real estate advertisement

1955 Ad for Home on Bangor Street in Hillcrest

Hopefully we are earning a GoDCer for life in Ayanna by posting all of these Hillcrest-related advertisements. If you know the person that lives here, send this to them. I’m sure they’d love to see their home back in 1955.

1904 Washington Senators

Nationals Almost Renamed Washington Teddies

Nats fans, you are not going to believe this. This just might be the best obscure trivia we have uncovered about D.C. baseball. We used to have a team, the first one here called the Senators, between 1891 and 1899.

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