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Day: August 8, 2012

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Georgetown University advertisement - September 3rd, 1911 (Washington Times)

Georgetown University Tuition: $100

Are you getting ready to go back to school? Have you paid your tuition bill yet? In 1911, your tuition bill would have been $100 (not sure if that’s per semester or full year). Damn, that’s 33% more than Catholic University at the time! Rip off. Today, if you’re going to law school, you’re forking […]

Putnam's Billard Parlor advertisement - December 7th, 1911 (Washington Herald)

Putnam’s Billiard Parlor: The Finest in the United States

Here’s an advertisement from December 7th, 1911 in the Washington Herald. If you’re a frequent patron of Buffalo Billiards, Bedrock Billiards or the former Kokopooli’s, you’ll find this interesting. Here’s a small mention of the place in the Washington Post on September 29th, 1911. George Slosson, the well-known billiard expert, will come to this city […]

"Walk," "Don't Walk," "No Right Turn," "Thru Only": a complicated traffic signal to uncomplicate Washington, D.C., traffic, 1949. 306-PS-49-2682. (National Archives)

Most Confusing Traffic Signs Ever

I came across this photo in the Library of Congress’ archives. It’s clear that these traffic signs are completely unclear. How the hell do you make sense of this? From the Lorstan Photographers studio in the background, it is somewhere on F St. NW, probably in the 1950 (a guess). In the 1940s, Lorstan was […]

French assault Germans in trench warfare

This Day in History: The Great War Delays D.C. School Opening

This is an interesting article from the Washington Times, dated August 8th, 1914, exactly 98 years ago today. World War I (i.e., the Great War) had been going for roughly two weeks and the paper reported the impact it would have on the local schools. Many school teachers were spending their summers in Europe when […]

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