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Day: July 26, 2012

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Uncovering the Life of Mary McConnell Borah, Wife of Idaho Senator William Borah
Discover the fascinating life of Mary McConnell Borah, the wife of Idaho Senator William Borah. From her birth in 1871 to her death in 1976, learn about her marriage, her support of her husband, and her vast collection of oriental treasures and statues.
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The 2012 Nationals and the Ghost of Walter Johnson
This is a guest post by Rick. He also wrote a good one on the alley dwellings in Foggy Bottom. Walter Johnson in 1907 The District’s baseball fans are beginning to believe that the 2012 Nationals may actually make it into post-season play and begin what some think will be a long series of annual Fall celebrations, including, just maybe, the second World Series Championship in Washington history. A...
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