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The Washington Hilton: A Look Back at the Doors Performance in 1967

The Doors play the Washington Hilton - 1967
In 1967, the Washington Hilton was the place to be for live music, including a performance by the Doors. Take a look back at this iconic performance with photos, ticket stubs, and more!
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The Washington Hilton was a happenin’ place to see live music apparently, with Hendrix also playing there in ’68. Thanksgiving was the following Thursday, so I imagine a large number of kids were home from college, and what better way to take a break than watch Morrison, Manzarek, Densmore and Krieger?

The Doors International Ballroom ticket
Ticket stub for the Doors – November 25th, 1967
The Doors play the Washington Hilton - 1967
The Doors play the Washington Hilton – 1967
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Thanks to Google, I found a number of these images here. And if you want to read a ridiculous amount of information about the Doors, go here. The Internet is amazing.

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