Other Cool Stuff / 05.02.2012

I came across an old television guide from 1955 when looking through the National Archives online database. This is a great window into how different TV was 60 years ago. Pinky Lee, Concerning Miss Marlowe and Hoppity Skippity instead of American Idol, The Bachelorette and Jersey Shore. Times sure have changed. The four stations listed at WNBW, WTTG, WMAL and WTOP. Click on the image to see the detailed PDF.
Notable People & Places, Old Ads & Classifieds / 19.01.2012

This is a gem that I found in the January 5th, 1952 Washington Post. Esther Williams was a big deal in the 1950s as kind of  a Jennifer Aniston. She was a former synchronized swimmer and star of the silver screen, working with contemporaries like Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Peter Lawford and Lucille Ball. Esther was an A-list celebrity, so having her on our local radio station, WTOP, was big. With Van Johnson, they recreated -- in audio -- their musical romantic comedy, Duchess of Idaho. The movie trailer is amusing. It's so different than the ones we see today.