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Unknown Soldier

The Unknown Soldier being taken to Arlington National Cemetery

Amazing Colorized Photo of Unknown Soldier

What an incredible colorized photo. Source: DC Public Library
Sailor of woman at the Tomb of the Unknown Solder in 1943 (Library of Congress)

Anonymous World War II Couple Visits Unknown Soldier

This is an amazing old color photo that I came across on the Library of Congress’ website. It was taken by John Collier in May 1943. The unnamed sailor at left appears to be somewhere between 19 to 24 and...
Unknown Soldier from World War I being taken from the USS Olympia at the Washington Navy Yard and transported to the US Capitol to lay in state (DC Public Commons)

The Unknown Soldier’s Arrival in Color (1921)

Here’s a haunting and solemn colorized photo from 1921, much like the Lincoln photo I posted a while back. The Unknown Soldier from World War I had just arrived by ship at the Washington Navy Yard. The body was interred...

Video: Wilson, Harding and a Nation Pay Respect to the Unknown Soldier (1921)

Here’s a video I came across on YouTube of the old president and recently inaugurated one attending the burial ceremony of the Unknown Soldier. President Wilson was instrumental in honoring those “unknown but to God” by having them interred in...