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Potomac River

Tragic Potomac Drowning Ends Romance

This is a sad story that we came across in The Washington Postfrom June 29th, 1908. John McCalip, 22 years old, an electrician, at the Senate office building, was drowned yesterday while swimming in Broad Creek, on the Maryland side of

View of Washington Arsenal ca 1860, Courtesy of National Defense University

Twenty-One Killed in Explosion at Washington Arsenal

This is a first guest post by new GoDC contributor Andrea Pawley, a resident of  Washington, D.C. history. Much of this post is based on Washington Arsenal Explosion: Civil War Disaster in the Capital by Brian Bergin, edited by Erin

little Betty Amberger (Washington Post)

A Snowstorm and Horrific Tragedy

In January 1939, a snowstorm hit the D.C. area, dumping five inches of snow. Normally, this would be cause for celebration as area children would beg their parents to let them play and sled. The city was digging out from

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