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Tragic Drowning of a Young Man on the Potomac River, 1908
This is a sad story of a young man, John McCalip, who was drowned in the Potomac River in 1908, shortly before his wedding. Read more about his story and the tragedy that happened on the river.
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The Washington Arsenal Explosion: A Deadly Day in the Capital
On June 17th, 1864, an explosion rocked the Washington Arsenal in the nation's capital. 19 women and girls were killed in the tragedy, and the victims were commemorated with a monument still standing today. Learn the story of the Washington Arsenal explosion.
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The Tragic Story of Betty Amberger: A Snowstorm, a Sled, and a Father's Car
In January 1939, a snowstorm hit the D.C. area, dumping five inches of snow. Little Betty Amberger couldn't wait to go out and play in it, but tragedy struck when her father's car slid and crushed her sled. Read the heartbreaking story of the Amberger family here.
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