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Pilot Lands Plane on Street Next to West Wing

In 1910, a British pilot landed his small biplane between the West Wing and the Old Executive Office Bulding. He stopped for lunch with some dignitaries and then took off. Read the incredible story.

The Brand New West Wing

This lovely old photograph shows the West Wing of the White House shortly after it was completed. Source: Library of Congress

President Ford’s Second Day on the Job

Here’s a fascinating old photo from President Ford’s Administration. It was taken on August 10th, 1974. That’s important because Nixon resigned the previous day (remember, Nixon’s not a crook). Is it just me, or does he seem to be a

West Executive Ave. and the Washington Monument (1919)

Great Photo of West Wing and Washington Monument

Doing a little evening photo surfing and came across this stunning one from the Smithsonian’s archives. The building on the left is the West Wing and the one on the right is the State, War and Navy Building. And off

Babe Ruth exiting the West Wing

Babe Ruth Visits the White House

This is a man who needs no introduction. Babe Ruth was the biggest celebrity in America during the 1920s. On December 7th, 1921, he was visiting Washington to stop by and say hello to President Harding. Below is a photo of

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