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Claude Grahame-White's Daring Landing at the White House in 1910
Witness the incredible feat of aviation pioneer Claude Grahame-White as he lands his biplane on West Executive Avenue next to the White House in 1910. Read the amazing story and see the photos here!
A Fascinating Photo from President Ford's Administration on the Day After Nixon's Resignation
Check out this fascinating photo of President Ford on August 10th, 1974 - the day after Nixon resigned. Is the expression on his face one of surprise or excitement? See the photo and find out!
Truman's proposed West Wing expansion
Harry Truman's Proposed West Wing Extension Was Never Built
Harry Truman proposed expanding the West Wing of the White House, but the plan was rejected. In response, he built the Truman Balcony on the south side of the building instead.
West Executive Ave. and the Washington Monument (1919)
Exploring the Smithsonian's Historic Photos of the West Wing and Washington Monument
Take a trip down memory lane with us as we explore the Smithsonian's archives of historic photos of the West Wing and the Washington Monument. See the stunning photos of DC's past! #Smithsonian #WestWing #WashingtonMonument
State, War and Navy Building
Experience the Grandeur of the State, War and Navy Building Around the Turn of the Century
Take a journey back to the turn of the century with this old photo of the grand State, War and Navy Building. Explore the incredible history and architecture of this remarkable building.
White House north view - 1901 (Library of Congress)
Teddy Roosevelt's White House Renovations: The Changes That Rocked the Boat
Teddy Roosevelt moved into the White House and made some changes to the Executive Mansion that rocked the boat. Read on to learn about the changes to the White House and the impact they had on the nation!
Babe Ruth exiting the West Wing
A Look Back at Babe Ruth's Visit to the White House in 1921
On December 7th, 1921, baseball's greatest hitter Babe Ruth visited President Harding in the White House. See an old photo of him exiting the West Wing and read about his earlier visits to the Executive Office of the President.

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