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The Mayflower Hotel

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Exploring the Mayflower Coffee Shop and Grill in 1930s Washington, D.C.
Take a look back at the 1930s Mayflower Coffee Shop and Grill in Washington, D.C., with a photo from the Library of Congress and an advertisement from The Washington Post.
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They Were Neighbors: 1940 U.S. Census Records from the Mayflower Hotel
Discover the residents of the Mayflower Hotel in 1940 with this collection of U.S. Census records from the same year. Click on each image to see a larger version and read through the names. Source: Ancestry.com.
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The Mayflower Hotel: FDR, Monica Lewinsky and the Walker Hotel and Apartments
The Mayflower Hotel has seen a lot of history, from FDR's famous "Nothing to Fear" speech to Monica Lewinsky's blue dress. Learn more about the "Grande Dame of Washington" and the Walker Hotel and Apartments.
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A Look at the Mayflower Hotel on Connecticut Avenue in the 1920s
Take a look at this old image of the Mayflower Hotel on Connecticut Ave. in Washington, DC, some time in the mid to late 1920s. Learn more about this iconic hotel and its place in American history.
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#WTF: The Macabre Story of the Creecy Hatchet Murder and Suicide in the Mayflower Hotel
In 1930, a prominent military officer, Col. Richard B. Creecy, committed suicide in the Mayflower Hotel after trying to kill his wife with a hatchet. This strange story includes a bizarre connection to the first airplane fatality in history.
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The Mysterious Ghost of the Dohertys' Suite 870 at the Shoreham Hotel
This is the mysterious story of Henry L. Doherty and his family, who lived in Suite 870 at the Shoreham Hotel. Read the full story, and discover the strange activity that takes place around 4 a.m. in the suite!
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