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View looking from the northwest corner of Cedar and 4th Street NW east down Cedar Street toward the railroad underpass. Image includes a partial view of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad station on the right with a blurred locomotive crossing the underpass and going into the station. The train is headed toward Washington, D.C.
Identifying the Time Period of this Cedar St. Intersection with 4th St. in Takoma Park, DC
Can someone identify the time period for this intersection of Cedar and 4th Street in Takoma Park, DC? Check out the almost identical view today on Google Street View and see if you can tell!
"Dome Oil Co., Takoma Park." In Maryland in 1921, a gritty diorama of the Petroleum Age.
Explore the 1921 Petroleum Age at the Old Dome Gas Service Station in Takoma
Take a step back in time to the Petroleum Age of 1921 with this photo of the old Dome Gas Service Station in Takoma. Learn more about its location and the railroad tracks in the background at GhostsofDC.org!
Takoma 4 - Petworth 3 - Washington Post on July 23rd, 1900
An Amazing Rivalry: Takoma vs Petworth in Washington Amateur Baseball (July 23rd, 1900)
It's been more than a century since two Washington neighborhoods, Takoma and Petworth, went head-to-head in a hotly contested game of amateur baseball. Read on to find out who emerged victorious and for the full box score!
Takoma Theater in the 1980s (WAMU)
The Rise and Fall of the Takoma Theatre, DC's Nearly 100-Year-Old Movie House
The Takoma Theatre opened in 1924, but the rise of the multiplex and its response with adult cinema saw it close its doors in 2006. Read the 100-year story of this DC movie house.

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