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Marijuana and Alcohol Consumed by Kids in Silver Spring

This is a bizarre and disappointing article that we dug up in The Washington Post. It was printed on April 2nd, 1977. Montgomery County school officials...
Silver Spring, Maryland, circa 1927. National Photo glass negatives marked "Jordan & Co." Among the new construction shown here is a National Guard armory. National Photo Company Collection.

Silver Spring in 1927

And check this out ... the building being constructed in 1927 is still there!
Silver Spring, MD

Why Is It Named Silver Spring?

There actually was a spring and it was silver ... sort of. In 1840, Francis Preston Blair came across a mica-flecked spring near, what...

Robinson and Company: Headquarters for the Best Things Suburban

Here is an excellent old advertisement from the Washington Times real estate section. This is way back in 1906. Click on the ad to read...

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