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Buy a Home in 1925 Silver Spring
What did homes look like in 1920s Silver Spring? This advertisement promotes "growth now has brought modern, rapid transportation."
1977 Washington Post Exposé: Underage Substance Abuse in Silver Spring Elementary School
This is an unexpected and disappointing article from 1977 about a small group of sixth-graders and a third-grader smuggling marijuana and liquor to and from an elementary school in Montgomery County. Interestingly, this occurred just a few days before President Jimmy Carter implemented the first civil rights law for people with disabilities.
Silver Spring, Maryland, circa 1927. National Photo glass negatives marked "Jordan & Co." Among the new construction shown here is a National Guard armory. National Photo Company Collection.
Silver Spring, Maryland in 1927: The National Guard Armory that is Still There Today!
Check out this amazing building in Silver Spring, Maryland! Built in 1927, the National Guard Armory is still standing today. Take a look at the photo and map to learn more about this amazing structure.
Silver Spring, MD
The History of Silver Spring, MD: Francis Preston Blair and the Blair House
Learn the history of Silver Spring, MD, from Francis Preston Blair's mica-flecked spring to the 20-room mansion he built and the Blair House. See the 1850 U.S. Census and more!
Exploring a 1906 Real Estate Ad from the Washington Times
Take a step back in time and explore an old real estate advertisement from the Washington Times from 1906. Click through to read the ad close up and learn more.

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