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Who's Who in the Watergate Scandal
Remember the names of those involved in the Watergate scandal? In August 1974, Richard Nixon resigned before being impeached.
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Sammy Davis Jr. and Richard Nixon in the Oval Office
Talk about an odd couple. Davis Jr. was in attendance back in 1963 for the March on Washington (we posted a photo earlier). Here, Nixon is granting Sammy Davis, Jr. membership to the National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity in 1975. Pres. Nixon w/ Sammy Davis, Jr., new member of Nat’l. Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity Source: Library of Congress
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Photo of Boyish Kennedy and Nixon
Whoa, this is cool. If you haven’t seen this before, it’s a photo from 1947 when both Kennedy and Nixon were member of the House of Representatives. Kennedy looks like he’s 18 and Nixon about 23. freshman members of Congress 1947
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The National Archives Uncovers Richard Nixon's Resignation Letter, Initialed by Henry Kissinger
The National Archives has uncovered a rare image of Richard Nixon's resignation letter, initialed by Henry Kissinger at 11:35 a.m. on August 9th, 1974. Check out the letter here!
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Nixon With Kid at Senators vs. Yankees Game
Here is a fun color photograph of President Nixon at the Senators game on Opening Day, back in 1969. Richard Nixon at the Washington Senators versus the New York Yankees baseball game on Opening Day. 4/6/69.
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What to Wear to the 1969 Inauguration: A Guide to Appropriate Attire
Get a glimpse into the past and learn what was considered appropriate attire for the 1969 inauguration of Richard Nixon. Learn more about the formal dress code and where to buy a "Club Coat" for the ceremony.
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James Brown's Strange Inaugural Performances: From Richard Nixon to Bill Clinton
From Richard Nixon's 1969 inauguration to Bill Clinton's 1993 inaugural balls, James Brown played a strange role in US presidential inaugurations. Read more to learn how the Godfather of Soul backed Republican and Democratic presidents.
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Irony! Watergate Ad Welcomes Nixon's Presidency
On the morning of President Nixon’s 1969 inauguration, several local businesses ran newspaper ads congratulating the new chief executive. Furniture stores, department stores, grocers… few are immune to inaugural excitement. But one local business had — in hindsight — a remarkable ad in the Washington Poston January 20, 1969. Check out this ad placed by the Watergate complex....
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Senator Nixon Signs Discriminatory Restrictive Covenant
Richard Nixon, senator from California and Vice President of the United States once signed a restrictive covenant preventing African-Americans from buying his home in American University Park.
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A Look Back at President Nixon During the Watergate Scandal
Take a look back at President Nixon during the Watergate scandal and see how the American Presidency was redefined. Watch the video and see the intimidating photo of Richard Nixon. Visit Ghosts of DC to learn more!
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John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address: An Analysis of One of the Most Powerful Speeches of All Time
An in-depth look at one of the most powerful and important inaugural addresses of all time. Read the text or watch the full speech to see why this is something worth watching in its entirety. Includes a famous quote, start watching at 13:45.
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