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Exploring the Historic Home of Bellevue in Upper Georgetown
Visit the historic home of Bellevue in Upper Georgetown, DC, built around 1750 and once the residence of Joseph Nourse and a frequent guest of George Washington. Learn more and explore the area today!
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Unbelievable Offer: Get a Home in Washington, DC for Just $13,000
Check out this unbelievable offer from The Evening Star newspaper in 1906: a home for sale in Washington, DC for just $13,000! That same home is now worth over $1.4 million. Read the incredible story here.
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The Terrifying Tale of Albert Deal's 120-Foot Elevator Shaft Fall
This is the incredible story of Albert Deal, a Pennsylvania steamfitter who fell 120 feet down an elevator shaft at the Cairo Flats in 1894. Miraculously, he survived with only a sprained back! Find out the story behind this amazing tale.
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Hawaiian ex-Queen Liliʻuokalani Comes to Washington
This might be the most unique ideas for a post that I have come up with thus far. Hopefully you will agree and enjoy reading it. I love Hawaii (who doesn’t?) and over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a number of vacations in the islands with family. I’m quite fond of the place and have some great memories from my visits. Queen Liliʻuokalani (Honolulu Advertiser) Being...
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A Night Out in Washington D.C. - From Dinner with President Taft to a Local Engagement Party in 1912
Delve into a night out in Washington D.C. in 1912, from dinner with President Taft to a local engagement party. Read the excerpt from the Washington Post and photos of the guests. Plus, find out what happened two years later.
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The Tragic Tale of Minnie Wiseman and the Unsolved Love Affair at 1709 Q Street NW
Read the tragic tale of Minnie Wiseman, a domestic employed at 1709 Q Street NW in Washington, DC, who tragically died of carbolic acid poisoning. Was it a love affair gone wrong? Read on to find out!
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