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Deanwood in the 1907 Baist Real Estate Atlas (Library of Congress)

Three Things About Deanwood

Last week, we did a quick post on Fort Lincoln Heights. Now, I’d like to focus a little more on Deanwood, the former neighborhood of both Nannie Helen Burroughs and Marvin Gaye. 1. Before the Deanwood metro … way before Deanwood’s metro stop recently had a dubious label attached to it. You’ll read later in […]

Ludington Airlines advertisement

Ludington Airlines Sets New World Passenger Mark

Almost 80 years ago, Washington had an express airline with service to New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. At cruising speed, Ludington Airlines was able to get you up to the New York City within two hours — an astonishing feat at the time. Brothers Charles and Nicholas Ludington founded their eponymous airline in 1930, based […]

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